Scientific department of the company (Optogan. Organic lighting solutions) in cooperation with the Skolkovo Innovation Center develop the innovative technology of manufacturing light sources based on OLED with effective OLED layer lighting and color control system.

OLED is organic light emitting diodes in which organic materials are used as an emitting layer.

What makes Optogan. Organic lighting solutions technology innovative is the use of printing technology with the application of optically-active conjugated polymers and nanocomposites based on polymer-inorganic nanoparticles for manufacturing of lighting systems based on OLED.



All existing light sources are naturally point-sources

OLED is the only natural source of uniform surface illumination

Organic electronics has undeniable advantages over inorganic electronics that is reaching its physical limit. Advantages include low costs in a long-term perspective, inexpensive eco-friendly manufacturing (printing technologies) of organic elements, flexible properties such as low weight, flexibility, transmittivity, extended storage period and reliability.

The main benefit of organic electronics is that all the components can be applied on the roll by IS printer (or engraver press, or any other method), and the speed of the roll moves could reach 10 meters per minute. This indicates the high performance and low cost. You can quickly and cheaply implement any sheet-oriented idea, first performing it on a computer and then printing it on a substrate. The cost of such productions compared to productions of silicon-based electronics is considerably lower.

Devices created with OLED technology will be used mainly in domestic lighting and lighting design. There will also appear an opportunity to create luminous surfaces that can be used on walls, ceilings and other objects. Being transparent in an inactive state, such devices can be used in the manufacturing of windows that will pass light into the room through the day and will light the room at night time.

At the moment a mass implementation of lighting systems based on organic light-emitting diodes is limited to a large extent by their high cost to the consumer and relatively low efficiency compared to LED-lighting.

The Skolkovo Innovation Center and highly qualified team of Optogan. Organic lighting sources under the leadership of Denis Bychkovskiy conducts research of optical and electrical properties, as well as of the development of organic light emitting diodes technology, trying to bring it to perfection and make it affordable to consumers.